Pseudonym: Shodan.
San Francisco art student and professional naked girl with queer sensibilities, in every sense of the word.

Tech fetishist, goth enthusiast, cynic, optimist. Cat owner.
Hi, I guess I can't ask via my secondary account. I'm a potential at the moment. I saw your awesome Marceline set, and am planning on doing a grey skinned character in the future. I'm just curious if you photoshopped your skin, or if you airbrushed yourself. Thankies! ~Twitch

oh christ. photoshop. as much of a pain in the ass it is to go through and paint your skin in every single photo (plus adjusting curves and opacity as necessary so you don’t look weirdly flat), it is NOTHING compared to the effort of trying to make bodypaint look good in a photoset where you start out in full costume and then strip - either you start out with your whole body painted under your costume so you get it everywhere and end up with it smeared and looking shitty or you paint as you go which, while doable, is still gonna be way far from perfect. save the bodypaint for cons and go for photoshop errytime


I am on my break at work and I haven’t had any time to myself since yesterday morning and I just want to go lie in a bed and read a book so badly and more than that I want to yell at everyone in here to shut up because I cannot handle the goddamn noise

But it is totally reasonable for them to be talking and laughing and having fun I just can’t shake the goddamn grumps right now x_x